Order Ayahuasca in Sydney

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Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Order Ayahuasca in Sydney, in the form of ayahuasca, can be consumed legally in traditional healing ceremonies at various retreat centers worldwide. Many of these retreat centers are found in the Amazon Basin, commonly in countries such as Peru and Brazil. Ayahuasca retreat centers here can conduct ceremonies legally as part of a spiritual ceremony.

Typically, these ceremonies are offered in multi-day retreats with various services and accommodations, which can vary the retreat price anywhere from 100-300 dollars per day. In the United States, the Uniao do Vegetal and Santo Diame churches conduct ayahuasca ceremonies legally, due to exemptions from the Controlled Substances Act as ruled by the Supreme Court. Apart from ayahuasca churches, underground ceremonial circles exist in many cities around the country. These are typically small fee-based retreats led by non-indigenous practitioners trained in Amazonian shamanism.

Dark Web

Some people successfully source DMT by navigating the dark web drug markets. This part of the internet is not available on clear web search engines. Instead, transactions rely on the use of cryptocurrency as well as anonymizing browsers (Tor) and virtual private networks (VPNs).

In addition to being more expensive, this avenue carries substantially more risk than DIY approaches. Besides the possibility of being scammed, these markets are often federally monitored and/or controlled. Moreover, dark web DMT prices are much higher than the overall cost of a simple extraction technique. Also, purity can not be guaranteed without testing the product yourself.Order Ayahuasca in Sydney

Can You Release DMT in Your Brain?

Although the highest concentration of DMT is found in plants, it is also a normal part of animal metabolism. In 2013, researchers found that DMT is produced endogenously by the pineal gland in rats at very small concentrations. It has also been found in other parts of the brain, likely formed as a byproduct during the synthesis of other neurotransmitters.

Whether these results can be extrapolated to the human brain is still an open question, but such findings have led to a number of theories regarding its role in altered states. Endogenous DMT production has been proposed to account for near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, and dream states. All in all, the scientific jury is still out on whether or not the concentration of DMT found naturally in the body is high enough to account for these experiences.

In addition, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Wim Hof, advocate various breathwork techniques that they believe can stimulate the pineal gland to release DMT. Regardless of whether DMT is actually the mechanism behind these techniques, they can certainly stimulate a psychedelic experience similar to what is produced from various psychedelic substances.


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Disclaimer: DMT is potentially categorized as an illegal drug. Reality Sandwich is not encouraging the use of this drug where it is prohibited. However, we believe that providing information is imperative for the safety of those who choose to explore this substance. This guide is intended to give educational content and should in no way be viewed as medical recommendations.

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